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The Yuen Method is a Scientific & Energetic Technique. It is a combination that has taken years of Ancient Chinese Shaolin Knowledge, Taoism, Karmas, Past Lives, Body Anatomy, Physiology, Structural Analysis, Energetic techniques,Quantum Physics, Qi and Shen Gong Training Knowledge and many more in to one single Method.                                                  

Upcoming: Online Events

Yuen Method, Level 1,2,3  Live Webinars by
Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen
on April 1st, May 6th and June 6th 2014.

Past Events: In 2012, 2011, 2010

Three-Day Yuen Method Level 1 & Level 2 Combo. English & Chinese Workshop 8-9-10 Dec 2012
English & Chinese Workshop 15-16 Dec -2012            Free Demonstration: Nov 15th and Dec 6,
  Dec 13th 2012            
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YM Level One Workshop -3rd-4th Sep 2011
YM Level One Workshop -13th-14th Nov 2010
Workshop, Kuala Lumpur - 19th-23rd Nov 2010
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"About Dr. Kam Yuen"

                      Dr. Kam Yuen is a grandmaster of
                      Shaolin Kung-Fu and he was the technical
                      advisor on the original Kung-Fu TV
                      series.  He is a published author who eliminates people’s pain, stress, and ailments on the spot LIVE during his one-of-a-kind phone teleseminars and teleclinics.                                           {READ MORE}
"About Yuenmethodasia"
Yuenmethodasia The goal of Yuen Method-Asia is bringing benefits to communities through services by improving the conditions of individuals' life and their environment   Life is a relationship......
Yuen Method Introduction - Life is a relationship through 6 Leading Life Support with self and others in this Physical Universe. Yuen Method ,developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, is a unique technique through Intuition and Insight to find the weakness in these 6 life support and the specific 5 factors that causes the weakness, then we can energetically strengthen the weakness/ Delete the weakness and Reset the program in our Bio-compute.
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Includes all 3 books and audio series

Instant Healing
Instant Rejuvenation
Instant Pain Elimination
Basic Audio CD Series course
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