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We have various viruses in our lives accumulated from our past present and future, stored in our hard drives in our C.P.U. They are in different file format and the origin of it at times belong to self or others. Sometimes our software is too outdated or corrupted and we need to delete, change or reboot & reset.It's just simply like having an older version of Windows ME which needs to be replaced in order to be more Hi-tech, advanced and compatible with your hard drives.

So Allow more of the New to come in by simply Letting go, Releasing of the Old Ways.  Just like an aircraft our structure needs to be  thin and light for us to fly, to be in a more upright vertical position than in an horizontal position. 
Pain is just a sensation showing something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body be it of physical or non physical nature like mental, emotional, spiritual etc.
Humans are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness, by aligning all these levels congrently issues gets eliminated and goals are attained.
Karmas whether direct or indirect have an impact on a situation or an outcome, so Deletion is a must for enhancement.
Pretending to Forgive & forget, Supression in the form of Denial numbing etc usually leads to Alzihmers in old age.  We Usually treat pain, illnesses, dieseases etc with medication, gadgets, or devices. . Who wants to manage the pain or live with it or use the body as a dumping ground for the above?

We show you how to identify the deeper core issues. Finding the root of the problem and eliminating it makes it possible to release the physical symptom as well as emotional issues, fears, phobias, and limitations.etc.

The Yuen Method makes it possible to clear,  correct & support the multiple layers that keep us from manifesting our highest potential. Freedom from stress, reactions, ailments, poverty, are the birthright of every human being which you have been carrying around for years and to eliminate all these conditions is nothing less than being miraculous.
The Yuen Method is a Scientific & Energetic Technique. It is a combination that has taken years of Ancient Chinese Shaolin Knowledge, Taoism, Karmas, Past Lives, Body Anatomy, Physiology, Structural Analysis, Energetic techniques,Quantum Physics, Qi and Shen Gong Training Knowledge and many more in to one single Method.   

Grandmaster of Shaolin Praying Mantis KungFu, Dr. Kam Yuen begin developing this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts.

In simple terms our Mind & Body functions like a computer, called The Bio-Computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given circumstance.